how to play
To begin, get ahold of:
Pens & Post-its Pens & Post-its
Clock 15-30 minutes
Buddies A few buddies (or you can play alone!)
Step One Start at square one...literally Grab a stack of Post-its to write your goal and responses.
Step one
Step Two Agree on a prompt Start with “I want to...” and choose what comes next.
Step two
Step Three Write down your goal Goals can be personal or global, big or small.
Step three
Step Four Pass it on Pass your goal and get one from your neighbor.
Step four
Step Five Reflect and respond Read it, cover with a blank Post-it, and write one step you’d take to achieve that goal.
Step five
Step Six Repeat Pass your stack and get a new one. Only read and respond to what’s on top. No peeking at the original! Keep it going until the stack has your goal on the bottom.
Step six
Step Seven Get your goal back Now unpack your steps!
Step seven
Girls Inc.

We created the Popcorn Project with a group like Girls Inc. of Orange County in mind—smart, thoughtful young people with big goals. We invited their Teen Leadership Council to our office to see if this thing we’d dreamed up actually worked, and were blown away by their poise, enthusiasm, and willingness to tackle global problems.

Beth Payne STEM Coordinator Girls Inc. of Orange County

This was such a great experience for our girls. Not only did they get to meet and interact with the wonderful staff at Column Five, they were treated to this experience that really distills what the Teen Leadership Council is all about — making change personally and in your community through steps both small and large.

Tanya Garcia Program Coordinator Girls Inc. of Orange County

Such a fun, eye-opening, experience for our girls. To be able to learn how to break down how to create change, not only for themselves, but for their community, is what TLC is all about! Thank you Column Five.

Gabriela Jimenez Junior Mater Dei High School

Column Five provided us all with the most positive atmosphere to work in. In a workplace that is so diverse, their sense of unity is contagious and I am so grateful to have been able to collaborate with them.

Christina Pham Sophomore Fountain Valley High School

From the first step in, Column Five provides a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment. The company is filled with a comfortable atmosphere that makes visitors feel like family. All workers are extremely encouraging and allow for self-expression without any judgement. Without a doubt, I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with such positive and creative individuals.